Custom Cakes by Cake Makers


How we started


Cake Makers started as a hobby around 2014, baking cakes for friends and relatives, Then after thinking about having a real business, we create Cake Makers and start promoting the business in different events. One of those events was the very well known Lakeland Zombiefest, we create a life-size zombie cake  for the event and it that was a huge success.


After that cake we've been collaborating/working with other companies, getting more experience, learning techniques from  super talented people, and baking more and more cakes for our  awesome friends and customers.

Finally in May of 2018 we had the opportunity of  open our very own storefront, where we can create all the amazing cakes, we also serve  ice cream, milkshakes, chocolates and we plan to launch new products in the future. We are very excited about this new venture and we will like to say thanks the city of Lakeland and all the great people from the surroundings areas for allowing us to accomplish this dream, and to all the lovely friends who support our crazy ideas, thank you very much.